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That Curb Hit Me Car Coasters

That Curb Hit Me Car Coasters

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For the expert navigators who occasionally get sneak-attacked by those pesky, invisible curbs, our 'That Curb Hit Me Car Coasters' are here to ease the blow – to your ego and your cup holders! Adorably designed with a splash of bright colors and whimsical flowers, they'll cheerfully catch any spills that happen when you're too busy arguing with your GPS. These coasters are a quirky reminder that no one's perfect, especially when random curbs jump out of nowhere. So go ahead, give a knowing smile when you park a little too enthusiastically, & let these coasters handle the aftermath. They're the perfect sidekick for those "oops" moments on the road – because sometimes, the curb just gets in the way!

  • .25in H X 2.5in diameter
  • Absorbent Neoprene
  • Car coasters soak up condensation
  • To remove stains throw in washer air dry!
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