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No Shit Seasoning

No Shit Seasoning

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Salt Free Seasoning

No Shit was developed as an all-purpose seasoning to enhance the flavor of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and eggs.  Who could have imagined that a product without sodium could taste this good? Well folks, this just proves that we really know our Shit around here.

Those of you who have to limit your salt intake can rejoice in that no longer will you be confined to the "lemon and pepper" crap you've been using, or just going with pepper only. You asked for this, and though the recipe took a while to come together we are confident that this is as good (or even better) than the other Shit products. Enjoy!

Granulated Onion, Garlic, Granulated Basil, Pepper, P
paprika, Parsley, Granulated Celery Granulated Oregano, Calcium Stearate

Sodium-free, Gluten-free, and absolutely NO MSG.


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