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New Creation In Christ Chapstick Keychain Holder

New Creation In Christ Chapstick Keychain Holder

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Carry a symbol of transformation and faith with the "New Creation in Christ" chapstick keychain holder. This inspirational accessory features an intricate butterfly, a universal emblem of change and renewal, paired with an empowering message set against a tranquil teal backdrop. It's a daily reminder of personal growth and spiritual rebirth for anyone who holds their faith close. The holder snugly secures your chapstick, making it a practical companion for both sunny days and winds of change. Complementing the holder is a matching teal wristlet strap, ensuring that your keys are as accessible as your source of inspiration. Perfect for a gift or personal use, this keychain holder is not just an accessory—it's a testament to a journey of renewal.

  • Keychain measurements: 10" diameter
  • Lipbalm holder measurements: 3.75"x1.5"
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