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I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It Car Coasters

I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It Car Coasters

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Embrace your confident side with a dash of humor using our 'I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It Car Coasters'! These bold and sassy coasters are perfect for those who navigate the roads with the same confidence they navigate life, rarely taking a wrong turn. Decked out in a fierce leopard print with a sunflower twist, they're not only a stylish addition to your cup holders but also a cheeky statement piece. Ideal for the driver who's always right (even when they're not), these coasters will absorb spills while you spill the tea. So go ahead, flaunt your unshakable self-assurance every time you hit the road – after all, you're probably right... as usual.

  • .25in H X 2.5in diameter
  • Absorbent Neoprene
  • Car coasters soak up condensation
  • To remove stains throw in washer air dry!
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