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I got it from you Youth & Toddler Graphic Tee

I got it from you Youth & Toddler Graphic Tee

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The graphic on the t-shirt is a playful and affectionate tribute to a child's personality and where it comes from. It reads:

"My mom wonders where my attitude came from. You Homegirl, I got it from you!"

This message humorously suggests that the child's spunky attitude is inherited from someone they admire and look up to, referred to as "Homegirl." The text is arranged in a fun and lively manner, with variations in style and color to make it visually appealing. A small heart and arrow graphic add a touch of cuteness to the design, emphasizing the love and connection between the child and the person they are referencing. This t-shirt design captures the playful dynamic and affectionate bond between the child and their role model.

Toddler Sizes- Rabbit Skins
Youth Sizes - LAT
Direct To Film Print
100% Cotton

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