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Galaxy Mama 40oz Tumbler

Galaxy Mama 40oz Tumbler

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Unleash the rockstar mom in you with this galaxy-inspired 40 oz tumbler, where every splash of color tells a story of cosmic adventure and electric dreams. The bold "MAMA" takes center stage, emblazoned in a dazzling neon lightning bolt design that captures the vibrant energy of motherhood. Surrounded by a universe of deep purples, electrifying blues, and sparkling accents, this tumbler is a stellar companion for any beverage, keeping your coffee as hot as your ambition or your water as cool as your composure. It's a functional piece of art for the mom who's not just running the show but rewriting the stars, one sip at a time. With this tumbler in hand, the message is clear: you're not just a mom; you're a supernova of love, strength, and style.

40 oz
Stainless Steel
Includes Straw

Hand washing is recommended to keep colors vibrant.

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