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Bad Ass Shit Seasoning

Bad Ass Shit Seasoning

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Bad Ass Shit Seasoning

Bad Ass Shit is a seasoning designed for the sophisticated cook to add a new dimension of flavor to beef and pork. And when we say Bad Ass, we're not talking Hell's Angels Bad Ass - more like James Bond Bad Ass. If you've noticed, James always uses class, persuasion, sophistication, and if need be, he'll kick the ever loving shit out of them.

This seasoning does a couple of things most generic seasonings don't. First of all, it tenderizes the meat (no not with MSG or any other flesh-eating chemical). Second, it was designed for you to be able to match it to your taste. If you really like a strong flavor, use a lot. Subtle, then not so much. As you can see, It's very user-friendly and intuitive.

We care about what you put into your body. And we are not just bragging when we say Bad Ass Shit is some fan-damn-tastic Shit. Wholesome Ingredients and just the right blend make for a, dare I say, perfect Shit for all meats (including chicken and hippopotamus). Enjoy the lip smacking, tender, moist meat you'll get when using Bad Ass Shit . And remeber, it does make a difference what seasoning you use. Now's the time to have yours "Shaken, not stirred."


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