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ColourPop Sandstone Eyeshadow Palette

ColourPop Sandstone Eyeshadow Palette

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 Inspired by the hues of a beautiful sunset, these eyeshadows will set your makeup look apart. The formula is so pigmented and intense that it just takes one swipe to achieve a stunning look. It's perfect for any occasion!

Finish: Metallic, matte, glitter, matte sparkle

Shade: Pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples


  • Fantasyland: Icy metallic baby pink
  • Lovecraft: Mid-tone warm pink
  • Prismatic: Mid-tone pink glitter with rainbow pinpoints
  • Atelier: Bright hot pink with hot pink pearl
  • Paradise: Vivid hot red pink
  • Treasure: Soft matte peach
  • So Precious: Warm peach glitter with a gold and green duochrome shift
  • Art Deco: Vivid yellow orange with gold pearl
  • Retro Dream: True metallic coral
  • Love + Warhol: Neon matte coral with silver pearl
  • Lucky Charm: Opal gold glitter with teal and gold pinpoints
  • Big Smile: Pastel yellow with silver pearl
  • Shine Bright: Metallic butter-y yellow
  • Bonus Points: Matte warm yellow
  • Abstract: Matte primary yellow
  • Designer: Matte chartreuse with blue pinpoints
  • Pose: Metallic icy lime
  • Dyed Up: Matte kelly green
  • Haute: Metallic soft emerald green with gold pinpoints
  • Bold Type: Matte deep teal
  • Take It Easel: Pastel matte baby blue
  • Kaleidoscope: Pale blue glitter with pinpoints of teal, blue, and purple glitter
  • Hot Copic: Metallic blue with a teal and purple duochrome shift
  • Watermark: Vivid cerulean blue with silver pearl
  • Iconic: Matte cobalt blue
  • Express: Pale metallic lilac with a pink duochrome shift
  • Selfie: Cool matte lavender with silver pearl
  • Majestic: Bright matte violet
  • Nouveau: True metallic purple
  • Zeitgeist: Matte eggplant
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