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Shades of Blue Floral Bookmark

Shades of Blue Floral Bookmark

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The "Shades of Blue Floral Bookmark" is a beautifully crafted page holder that brings together the serenity of blue hues with the timeless elegance of floral design. This bookmark is a visual feast, featuring an array of flowers in shades of blue, from the softest periwinkle to the deepest navy, creating a tranquil and harmonious scene. Nestled among the blossoms are antique books, suggesting a quiet corner of a secret garden where literature and nature commune. The textured artwork gives a lifelike quality to the florals, making it almost palpable. A luxurious white tassel complements the cool color palette, providing a practical element as well as a decorative charm. This bookmark is perfect for those who appreciate the calming influence of blue and the understated beauty of a floral motif in their reading routine.

  • Aluminum Bookmark
  • Single Sided Print
  • Lightweight
  • 4.72"L x 1.26"W
  • Tassel Included
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