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Apparently I Have An Attitude Car Coasters

Apparently I Have An Attitude Car Coasters

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Drive with sass and let your cup holder do the talking with our 'Apparently I Have An Attitude Car Coasters'. Perfect for those who enjoy a touch of cheeky humor on the road, these coasters don’t just protect against spills—they serve up a hefty dose of personality. The bold, graffiti-inspired design is paired with a tongue-in-cheek declaration that's sure to get a chuckle from your passengers. So, if your driving style has ever been described as "spirited" or your car's fashion sense is as strong as your opinions, these coasters are just the accessory you need. They're a little bit edgy, a little bit fun, and a whole lot you!

  • .25in H X 2.5in diameter
  • Absorbent Neoprene
  • Car coasters soak up condensation
  • To remove stains throw in washer air dry!
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