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God Is Within Her Chapstick Keychain Holder

God Is Within Her Chapstick Keychain Holder

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Find strength and inspiration every time you reach for your keys with our 'God Is Within Her Chapstick Keychain Holder'. Adorned with a tranquil floral design and a powerful message, these keychain holders are a daily reminder of the faith & fortitude that guide you. The soft lavender hue brings a sense of peace and serenity, perfect for those moments when you need a little reminder of the divine support that surrounds you. Whether you're facing the day's challenges or simply choosing your next lip color, carry this little token of grace and resilience with you. It's not just a keychain; it's a promise that you're never alone.

  • Keychain measurements: 10" diameter
  • Lipbalm holder measurements: 3.75"x1.5"
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