Holiday Cookies Scented Candle Start your day with a burst of freshness with our Holiday Cookies Scented Candle.
Parasoy 2.4oz 70g
Enjoy the uplifting fragrance as you get ready for your day. Just the candle you need to get in the holiday spirit!

Holiday Cookies Scented Candle

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Holiday Cookies Scented Candle

Brighten up your holidays with this delightful Holiday Cookie Scent Candle. It’s scented with creamy butter, aromatic vanilla bean and sugary sweet notes to make your home smell like a delicious baking paradise. Even when you can’t have freshly baked cookies on the table, you can always light this candle and instantly feel that warm, bakery flavor! Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just in need of some cozy vibes during the winter months, this candle is sure to make every moment more memorable. So treat yourself or someone special today and enjoy that fresh-from-the-oven scent all season long!

  • Parasoy
  • 2.4oz
  • 70g