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But Did You Die Chapstick Keychain Holders

But Did You Die Chapstick Keychain Holders

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Whether you've survived a brutal workout, a daunting workday, or just a trip to the DMV, our 'But Did You Die?' Lipstick Keychain Holders are here to add a dash of humor to your perseverance. Flaunting a vibrant pink hue that's as bold as your resilience, this sassy accessory is a little nod to the toughness we all muster on those particularly trying days. So slap on that lip balm, grab your keys, and wear this badge of survival with pride because, hey, what doesn't kill you makes you ready for the next round...right? Remember, champions are made one epic saga (and a lot of lipstick) at a time!

  • Keychain measurements: 10" diameter
  • Lipbalm holder measurements: 3.75"x1.5"
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