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Multi-Color Floral Book Stack Bookmark

Multi-Color Floral Book Stack Bookmark

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The "Multi-Color Floral Book Stack Bookmark" is a visually stunning piece that is as much an artistic expression as it is a practical item for readers. The bookmark showcases a striking stack of classic books, each with a unique and richly detailed spine, set against a dreamy, sky-blue backdrop that seems to glow with a soft light. Blooming among the books are vivid, multi-color flowers, ranging from delicate pinks to deep blues, creating a vibrant contrast. This lush garden of flora enveloping the literary tomes symbolizes the growth and blooming of ideas that come from reading. Finished with an elegant white tassel, this bookmark is a perfect gift for avid readers and lovers of beauty alike, sure to hold a place in their books and hearts.

  • Aluminum Bookmark
  • Single Sided Print
  • Lightweight
  • 4.72"L x 1.26"W
  • Tassel Included
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