Shorts You Should Wear We Will Keep It Short-But-Sweet

 Shorts You Should Wear We Will Keep It Short-But-Sweet


The weather is getting warmer and you're finally ready to start wearing shorts. If you want to look great in your shorts, this article will give you some tips on how you can choose the best pair for your body type! Shopping for the right shorts can be one of the most frustrating things for summer. Unless you think about bathing suits but that's for another time. I'm short and round with big thighs and calves for days. I'm like Humpty Dumpty with better legs. I am also extremely short and curvy if you consider circles curves. So finding the right shorts is a hard job. But people have told me over and over again when I share my weight that it's not possible to pack that much in this frame. The secret is nothing more than fashion and styling. Trust me I don't even like to look at this naked. So I decided to Put together a little guide to help you look your best, even, if you look like a Mother Goose character naked too.

The Shorts Made For Everyone

When in doubt, always meet in the middle. Mid-thigh is flattering on everyone no matter what. Look for shorts with a 7"-8" inseam these are going to be short enough to lengthen the body, but long enough to provide adequate thigh coverage. With heels or wedges added to the mix, you can showcase those legs. Styles with a rolled hem allow for a little customization when it comes to where your shorts will hit on your thighs. Just don't roll them too much or you will get to much bulk, and it will rub uncomfortably.

Shorts For The Petite

Short shorts for those that are short, or if you have short legs and a long torso. Shorter shorts will give you length and help you look more proportioned.
Make sure you have enough length that your booty is covered. Clean hems rather than frayed will provide you with that long-legged look. Look for a length of 3 1/2-5″, which lengthens the leg while still covering the inner thigh. Avoid horizontal stripes (unless they’re thin stripes) and large prints. If you’re petite with long slim legs, cuffed and rolled up styles can work, but other petite women should avoid them, as they tend to make legs appear shorter. If you have a long waist/torso, try the leg-lengthening effect of high-waisted shorts. Curvy and petite? Go for a mid-length short (7-8″ inseam) in a thicker fabric with a side zipper. Heels and wedges can also help you appear longer; make sure to balance out shorter shorts with a modest top. And make sure the top hits at your waist or just below it. Short shorts and a long top tend to look sloppy combination. As always, heels and wedges are your super power! Tight short shorts are a no go unless you are Daisy off of Dukes of Hazard. If you have cellulite, you want to hide; you should avoid any lightweight tight materials.

Shorts For The Short Waisted

If your torso is on the shorter side, go with a low ride waist. I can't say low rider without thinking of that old Cheech and Chong song -- don't judge me. Low-rider is a little higher. They must have known fashion because a low waist does give you some height in the torso. Tuck your shirt in to accentuate that length.

Shorts For That Tiny Waist

If you have narrow hips -- know we are all envious, but you can go with pleated or pocketed shorts to give yourself those curves you crave!

Shorts Made For Curves

Curvy girls keep it simple. Bermuda shorts that have a flat closure or side zip are the most flattering and a Bermuda length that ends about an inch above the knee. Stay with simple solids; you want to keep your prints and patterns on top to accentuate your curves not overemphasize them.

Short-And-Sweet Just Like We Like It

I hope this helps you! If you need help finding that perfect pair, we are always here to help! Happy shopping, beautiful! You are worth it!

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