The Earth Is Flat

I used to wake up on Monday morning and think, "Do I have to go to work?" or "Another long week coming...ugh." Monday was the ugly stepsister. Monday was the beginning of another struggle or another fight to be won. It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized this mindset was killing me. Maybe not physically, although depression is a door opener for all manner of diseases. But emotionally. My lens for life was dark. Do you remember Daria? She was my spirit animal.


Anyway, a few years ago, a friend asked me why I was so miserable. I said, "I'm not." She said, "Every time I talk to you, your life seems so hard. It makes me sad for you because you seem to have it all. Great husband, beautiful kids, and a warm home, but all I hear from you are complaints."

This conversation woke me up. Some of you may say that she wasn't a friend because she should have just had compassion for me, but I believe she was the best sort of friend for challenging me and being willing to be honest with me. That's another blog post entirely. I started evaluating my thoughts and my approach to life, and I realized that I had a foundational belief that life is supposed to be hard. But where did that belief that life is hard come from?

I watched my parents struggle not only financially but also relationally growing up. Every day was a battle to survive each other and the world, and I allowed it to carry over to my perception of life. Since this realization, I have been evaluating all of my core beliefs. Not just the negative beliefs but the positive views as well.

Did you know there are still people in the world today that believe the earth is flat? To us, that seems to be utterly insane, right? However, what if you were raised to believe that. What if that is what you were taught. What if you were taught to mistrust science. Would that be a far reach then?

So what is my point? Beliefs become assumptions about life. If my foundational belief is that life is hard, then I assume that everything is going to be hard and why then would I look forward to going to work on Monday. It becomes the Yang to my Yin, it becomes the seed that I plant for the week, and I force it to manifest because it's where my "faith" resides.

There is a universal law spoken across every religion and belief system. You may have heard it called the Law of Sowing and Reaping, Karma, or Newton's 3rd law, but regardless of your choice of words, it operates the same. What I sow, I reap.

So, how do we change it?

Ask yourself why you believe what you believe? Then consider the source.
Life will bring many people that want to tell you how it's supposed to be. Some will tell you, "the earth is flat," others will tell you "the earth is round" what you have to decide is what you are going to believe and why.

I want to challenge you today to start your week with a fresh perspective. Monday is the New Year of every week. A new opportunity to change something you have needed to change. Monday is a new opportunity to be present, to cultivate relationships, and to really win at this thing called life. It's a good week to have a good week!

Did this help you? Let me know in the comments below; you all know I love a great conversation!

Lori B.






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