The Challenge Day 3

Act of Kindness Love Challenge
Have you ever read The Love Dare for parents? If you haven't you should it's and amazing book with so much wisdom I literally couldn't put it down. One excerpt that was my favorite is "Patience is love minimizing the negative, kindness is love initiating the positive. Patience helps us avoid problems, while kindness helps us to be a blessing. Love will make you kind, and kindness will make you likable."
This statement really got the wheels turning. The statement "Love will make you kind" really made me think about how my love is so different than it should be. If I am just nice my children because of their behavior, or because they are doing what I want them to do. I'm not loving them, I am manipulating them. If love makes me kind then if I love them I can be kind while being firm. I don' have to be raging or angry. 
The statement that "kindness will make you likable" really stuck out to me. I have a habit of blaming my teenagers for their bad attitude. And I'm not saying that they never have a hormonal moment, but am I trying to win the battle or the war. Am I really putting my best foot forward and pushing myself to practice what I preach.
Today's Challenge:
Surprise your love one with an unexpected act of kindness.
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