Negative Nancy No More!

We had a pretty interesting day at the Tea Shirt Shoppe. We had our plumbing flushed. Never in my life have I wondered so much about those magical pipes under the floor until recently. Apparently, the stool hasn't been flushed enough in the past few years and there is a lot of buildup in there. I guess this debunks that statement "If it's yellow let it mellow advice." Anyways, the plumbers came in and started descaling and grinding away. At first, I was so excited they were there but as the day wore on and the noise continued I started to get extremely grumpy, I felt overwhelmed and distracted. I couldn't focus on the tasks that I needed to accomplish today. When the job was finally done and my office quieted I realized how much tension the noise had created. Negativity works the same way, it backs up all the crap in your life and next thing you know your living in the stench and you have no idea how to fix it. Then when you try to get away from it, it causes a catastrophic commotion that no one wants to deal with. So I thought I would share my words of wisdom which is FLUSH IT! FLUS the negativity out, FLUSH "Negative Nancy", FLUSH all the drama, and all the people that just want to grip. Otherwise, you could be dealing with a tremendous bill and a headache.


As science continues to explore the brain more fully we are realizing the impact of our mind on the body. Did you know that negativity has been linked to dementia, depression, heart disease, stroke, autoimmune disorders and more?

The more I study the mind, the more I realize how greatly our thoughts and environment impact our health. Some of you are living in environments like mine today, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, yet, you wonder why you are constantly exhausted, depressed, or anxious. Yours may not be a plumber it may be a friend, family member, or your boss. I am learning to figure out where the negativity is coming from in my life and extinguish it fast. I used to put up with all the "Debbie Downers" because I wanted people to like me, and it felt good to be needed. But as I get older I am realizing how toxic this is to not only my mind but also my body. 

If you find yourself entangled with "Debbie Downer" check out these two great articles below. I hope they will shed a lot more light than my ramblings.  Check out this great article from Life with Confidence on "How to deal with negative people." It really helped me hone in on some things. Also, want to know more about how negativity affects your health? Check out this article by "Can Negative Thinking Make you Sick?". Need to laugh before you cry? Here is a funny SNL skit for you.

As for me, I'm headed home to cook my kids a real meal and find a quiet corner to read! I hope you have a fabulous night! 

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