Muffin Top Make It Stop

How to hide muffin to


I get asked a lot as a stylist how to hide a muffin top. No matter what your shape your may have a little something extra in your mid-section that you want to hide. Don't worry I have a fix for you and it doesn't involve any strenuous exercise, green juices, or special equipment. Muffin tops (not the kind you run to the oven and smear tons of butter on) can be easily hidden with a few key pieces.

Before you run for all of your tummy control gear (you know the modern torture device that refuses to allow you bathroom breaks or air for that matter) let me define for you what I mean by a "muffin top." I consider a “muffin top” to be that little bit of your midsection that gathers around your waistband when you’re wearing jeans, trousers or skirts, or anything that doesn't have spandex and elastic in it.


Don’t Wear Clingy Tops

The key to hiding anything is not to bring attention to it. So your only don't is; don't wear things that cling to the midsection. You want something that is fitted at the top around the (as Amy calls them) "girls," but not the middle floor. Woven tops and blouses that skim your midsection instead of clinging to that area are the perfect solution.


Do Wear Tops that Emphasize Your Bust

As I said before emphasizing your bust line is key. You can do that by wearing trapeze or peplum tops. A trapeze top is is a top that’s fitted at the bust and gradually flares out into an A-line shape as it extends toward the hemline. The gradual flare creates waves in the fabric similar to unstructured pleats, and may continue to flare or become fitted with a band at the hem as pictured below.


A peplum top is a short flared, gathered, or pleated garment that flares at the waist. Modern peplums can be very structured or quite relaxed. 


Do Layer With a Camisole

Do wear a camisole it will create a smooth line from your bust to your waist. 


Do Try High-Waisted Jeans

The major cause of "muffin top" is the waist of your jeans is to tight. Get rid of all those low slung to tight pants. Chances are they are supper uncomfortable and you struggle to keep them over your bum anyways. Ditch them!

Instead find yourself a pair of high-waist jeans that have a little stretch. Like our favorite Avery jeans by silver pictured below. They have lycra in them so they hug your curves without suffocating you, and they give you some wiggle room. Literally. They also won't leave those weird stress lines on your stomach after you have been wearing them all day.

Do Pair Low-Rise Jeans with Longer Tops

If you just can't bring yourself to wear those high-waist mom jeans, then make sure that you wear a longer shirt to cover. A short shirt paired with bottoms that are to low, equals all eyes on your waist. Chances are if you are reading about muffin tops your six pack is quite what it used to be. 


Do try and Empire Waist Dress

It will hug right underneath your bust and avoid a to tight fit around your "muffin top."


Do Try a Timeless Wrap Dress

A wrap dress will define your waist and give you and instant hourglass figure! Every girls dream right?


Do Add a Cropped or Tailored Jacket

And finally, look for jackets that narrow at the waist, this will give you an even cleaner line, while also providing even more coverage. 

See how a few simple changes can make a world of difference. Now you can make that "muffin top" stop. No more days of pulling up your pants and pulling down your shirt. You can be confident and relaxed about your new silhouette.

Have any tricks up your sleeve for hiding muffin top? Let us know about them.


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