Cultivating Sunshine

Cultivating Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! 

Winter, although a necessary season is rough. Call it Winter Blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) the symptoms always include a burning desire to hibernate. I know it's really hard to find sunshine moments in this dark, cloudy and cold weather, however, doesn't it feel so nice to sip on a hot beverage and feel your body warming up from the inside out? Winter has some amazing moments of love and celebrating. Most of the time these moments offer a good distraction to get us through the tough days, however, doesn’t it feel amazing to wake up, walk out into the sunlight and soak in the warmth? Sunshine is energizing and feels a lot like love being poured into our bodies. There is a lot of love to give but sometimes it is very difficult to remember that we also need to fill up our own love tank. We must contribute too. Our environment can fill or siphon from our tank. What we watch, what we read, what we hear, all contributes. Giving love is receiving love which is one way to contribute to filling up our tank but what happens when expectations don't meet our reality? Taking care of another person's well-being is showing love. Doing their dishes. Doing their laundry. Taking out the trash. Going out to dinner. Going on an adventure. Being kind. It's not always flashy and glamorous. Showing love can be simple and effective. Negativity breeds negativity so doesn't it make sense that positive would breed positivity. One of the important things everyone has to do in order to feel love is to know what makes you feel loved. Seriously think about this for a bit. Doesn't it feel super nice when you walk into your room and the bed is made with clean sheets? Doesn't it feel super great when you come home after a long day and your animals (two legged or four legged lol) greet you at the door with admiration and affection. These are all ways to fill up your love tank if you recognize the signs that you are loved. We must make an effort to remember these moments so write them down if you have to. Put notes in a jar, vase, box or just a book. Fill it up and when you can't seem to find the love pull out your love tank for reminders on how to give and receive love. Just don't forget to sometimes fill it up your damn self. Go outside. Go to the water. Light a fire. Smile. Exercise. Go out with Friends and/or your significant others. Some days are a struggle for sure so be sure to recognize when your love tank is being fueled or running low. Find your fuel and cultivate SUNSHINE inside and out! And when you can’t give anymore then always remember even the sun goes down for a rest daily.
Take Care of Yourself Always!
Love, Jess. 
Jessica Shumard

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