Cultivating 2019


Cultivate means to foster growth. Growth is hard work! You have to nurture, till, plant and water yourself to foster growth. What does that even look like? As a therapist my most successful clients had the hardest time seeing outside of the "problem". It is SO BIG and impossible to see through, around, over or under it. How are you supposed to grow through something like that? Well you cultivate it! 

This week we decided to cultivate MOTIVATION to ROCK our goals for 2019! What the heck is a vision board? Well it's whatever you need it to be! A way to visually see your goals everyday so that you can see the BIG picture. When life gets hard your vision board is there to remind you to focus on your goals and that this distress is temporary because THIS, THIS BOARD is where I'm headed. 

How do you make a vision board? 

1) Pick your platform: I actually have TWO vision boards. The internet has a way to expand our visions so much further than we really could ever thought possible so I have a digital Vision Board. I use Pinterest and I am a obsessed with their platform. I created a VISION BOARD 2019 board to add things that I may not find organically. I'm also a little bit in love with my roots of not being digitally connected so I have the traditional poster board that hangs in my office. You have full creative license to do whatever makes you happy and hopeful. I've seen bulletin boards, picture frames, white boards, really just depends on the materials use choose to use. 

2) Gather your materials! You need magazines, and lots of them! This is the traditional way to create your vision board. Clip out pictures, words, quotes and really anything that "looks" like what you want from your life. You can use newspapers, art, ads, or just about anything. You can do internet searches and print materials. You can use photos or even special items if you don't care about them going back where you got them. You use duct tape, washi tape, stickers, scrap booking materials. You'll need scissors to cut your materials to your chosen size. If you use a bulletin board you could use thumbtacks. If you use a magnetic white board you can use magnets. Some people like this options because you can rearrange as needed. 

3) Create the Time and Space: Give yourself about an hour, invite your friends and have fun! Make sure you have a large work space like a table and cover it with a cloth or sheet to make sure nothing gets damaged if you are worried. Turn on some good vibes music and keep the distractions to a minimum! Pour yourself a cup of tea or wine and ENJOY! 

4) RELAX! No inner negative self talk, No judgments, Be authentic and give yourself permission to envision the life you want! 

This vision board is your guiding compass. It will take you where ever you want to go if you allow yourself some grace and opportunity. Be positive. Be real. Be you.

Snap a picture and share your vision board with us! Or just let us know how it went. We would be happy to host vision board parties if you are interested just shoot us a message!

Take care of yourself, 

Jessicca Shumard, M.S. 

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