Challenge Accepted

My daughter has this beautiful comforter picked out for her room. She's 9 and obsessed with Paris. We had a conversation earlier today because her room looks like it has been hit with a natural disaster of seismic proportions. Summer is here and it's time to remove the old and reorganize. This is the first year I am making her do it on her own. Her response was "It's to hard. I don't know how."
I told her that life will always present us with challenges and things that we don't know how to do. The important thing is our perspective and motivation. How bad do you want that new bedding? I explained that life presents challenges to produce change and that is part of growing up.
Right now she is organizing her room -- at least I hope she is....
The point is, what are you facing today that seems overwhelming? Because whatever it is, as you walk through it, believe that the change will be worth it. There have been lots of challenges for me this last year, some of them where extremely painful emotionally. But, standing on the other side, the change those challenges produced where totally worth the fight. #challengeischange #bossbabe #yougotthis

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