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Hello Gorgeous!

Today amidst all of the chaos, I am getting ready for a family camping trip! We have this little place at Stockton lake that we have claimed for the last three years. It's a time to focus on family, and I love it. There isn't cell reception, so it keeps everyone from disconnecting. It keeps us present. I feel like being present is one of the hardest things to do right now!

Over the years, I have figured out that it is much better to over-prepare than under-prepare. We have had mishaps like not having swimming trunks (awkward) and forgetting cooking utensils (trust me sticks do not work). So I created a free camping checklist that I am using for my family, and I hope you can use it too! I have also included a free list for you to print for the kids and the ultimate DIY first aid kit. There is nothing worse than paying $50 at a gift shop for swim trunks or having to run to the store every d; it is supposed to be a vacation! Let me know if I missed something!

In honor of our camping trip, I hope you like the "Deal of the Day" our exclusive Carys flip flops below and use code FLIPFLOP for 30% off. (deal of the day ends tomorrow at 7 a.m.) They don't hold water, and they dry fast! So you can wear them in the shower and out! Also, check out our new swim gear it's flying right out of the store!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lori B.
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