The Challenge.

Sometimes it's hard being a parent. Sometimes it's really hard being a parent of multiple kids. Most of the time I feel like I am failing them. It seems like there are just not enough hours in the day. 

My average day makes a hostage negotiation look like a walk in the park. We start our day at 6:30 -- Breakfast and morning chores. They are at school by 7:30. On a good day I work out at 8 but most of the time that is hit or miss. Then it's off to work. I manage two businesses. Sometimes it's like trying to catch the ocean in a sand pail.Then I pick them up at 2:45 drop them at the house. My office is at home but many evenings I have to work till 6 just to get the necessities done.

Sometimes I stop and realize that it's been a couple days since I really connected with them beyond taking care of their basic needs.That's when a new wave hits me called guilt. That is when I surf Pinterest looking for mommy and me dates. That's when I see all these perfectly posed pictures of moms with their daughters doing some kind of amazing craft. I spiral, I recluse, I escape into Facebook. Punishing myself, isolating them.

That has been my cycle. So I decided since it is February. I am going to make my kids my valentine. And I wanted to invite you along on the journey! Everyday for the next month I will have a challenge for you to do with or for your kiddo. If you don't have kids that's okay you can do them for a spouse a sister or even a friend or other relative that you have felt distant from!

I feel like it's relevant in a month that screams me, me, me. That we take time to focus and appreciate those around us.

Today's Challenge:

Words are powerful! Tell your person today that you love them! Then post on this meme in the group "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"

I guarantee this short term mission will bring you long term results!


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